Welcome to Rashtrapati Bhavan
Circuit 1 :- Open on Saturdays and Sundays
Circuit 2 :- All days except Monday
Circuit 3 :-Opens During Udyanotsav, Held between February to March every year.
Change of Guard Ceremony :- The Change of Guard Ceremony will be carried out on every Saturday at Rashtrapati Bhavan as per timing below:
16 October 2021 to 08 October 2022 - 0800h to 0900h
*The above schedule is subject to change, as may be notified by Rashtrapati Bhavan.
*All circuits will be closed on Gazetted Holidays.
Registration Charges :-
Registration charges of Rs. 50/- per visitor per Circuit.
Visitors below the age of 8 years will be exempt from the payment of registration charges.
Instructions for Visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan:-
1. Instruction to visit Circuit 1(Rashtrapati Bhavan Main Building)
2. Instruction to visit Circuit 2( Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum )
3. Instruction to visit Circuit 3( Mughal Garden/Udyanotsav)
4. Instruction to witness the Change of Guard ceremony
Circuit 1

Main Building, Forecourt, Reception, Navachara, Banquet Hall, Upper Loggia, Lutyens Grand Stairs, Guest Wing, Ashok Hall, North Drawing Room, Long Drawing Room, Library, Durbar Hall, Lord Buddha Statue

Circuit 2

Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex [RBMC]

Mughal Garden Visit (During Udyanotsav)

Booking for witnessing change of guard ceremony

Reaching Rashtrapati Bhavan Welcome to Rashtrapati Bhavan