Important Instructions

Before filling up of the application, candidates are requested to kindly keep in mind the following:

1. Have a soft copy of your photograph ready (maximum 200Kb).
2. Once mobile number and email are registered, they cannot be changed.
3. You can submit multiple applications in same or different categories/sub categories.
4. Soft copies of current resume, technical information, report of functional efficiency and details of any external evaluation done should be kept ready beforehand in pdf format and size should not exceed 10 Mb each.
5. You will need to provide details like: Name, eMail, Contact Number of two referees (one of whom shall be the Vice Chancellor of your University and the other will be your Director/Dean/Professor familiar with your work) to whom your application will be forwarded for submission of their recommendations online.
6. Soft copy of the photograph (jpeg format) of the subject, if any, should not exceed 1 Mb
7. PowerPoint presentation should not be more than 5 slides and 25 Mb.
8. Video relating to the entry should only be in standard format like wmv, mpeg, avi, mp4 etc. and should not exceed 100 Mb in size.
9. Once submitted, application cannot be edited or deleted.